The East German Wieger STG series

A missing link in the evolution of the Kalashnikov. Originally intended for export sales with the 5.56x45 STG-940 series, the design proved favorable and was expanded to 5.45x39 with the 950 series and 7.62x39 with the 970 series. The Wieger series had a bright future until the Berlin Wall fell.

A 3 year passion project of ours, we've painstakingly reverse engineered the proprietary components from high quality photos and documents. Modern manufacturing has allowed for internal design improvements while keeping the external look as close as possible to the originals.

The handguards & pistol grip are made of nylon 12 polymer. The handguards feature internal reinforcementribs for increased durability and rigidity. Just like the originals, the pistol grip has an internal storage compartment for a cleaning kit and oil bottle. Handguard retainer & locking bar are made to fit around the JMAC Customs GBC-13 gas block, made from 4130 steel and fully heat treated to 35 HRC. Steel components black oxide coated.

Kit includes:

  • Handguards
  • Pistol Grip
  • Pistol Grip Stamped Steel Floorplate
  • Pistol Grip Screw & Lock Washer
  • Handguard Retainer
  • Handguard Retainer Locking Bar/Sling Loop
  • Handguard Retainer Spring
  • (Optional) Saiga Gas Tube

Required parts: JMAC Customs GBC-13 Gas Block (w/ minor modification, check our build guide)

Gunsmithing required for assembly

Blem handguard retainers: These retainers had the guide surface for the locking bar slightly overcut, it is purely cosmetic and does not effect the function of the guide. Check our photos for a comparison.

Wieger STG Clone Build Guide

Wieger STG Clone Parts List

Wieger STG Model Designations

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Mason L. on Mar 3rd 2024

The furniture set seems well made and durable. Fit seems like it will be good but I have no been able to install yet. Finish is great, no seam lines or burs to clean up. Very pleased, these guys take pride in their work. I will definitely be a repeat customer